Healthy & Kid-Approved After School Snacks

  If your family is like mine, the end of the school day if FAR from the end of the day for us. In fact, sometimes the end of the school day is the beginning of an even busier and more hectic part of the day, complete with homework, playdates, sports, after school classes and more. Because of this reality I place a lot of importance on the after school snack. Not just in having one, but being sure it is just as nutrient-packed as any other meal of the day. In general, I do try to stick with my trusty meal formula, "vegetable, vegetable, protein" but for afternoon snacks I also … [Read More...]


Roasted Pumpkin

  From porches to pancakes, pumpkins are a huge part of the Fall season. And if you are like me, you LOVE it! Pumpkin is not only yummy but super nutritious. It is loaded … [Read More...]

Halloween picture

Happy, Healthy Halloween!

"Trick or Treat!"   Soon we will be hearing children walking through our neighborhoods, singing to us their requests for something sweet and then filling their trick … [Read More...]